VÁLVULAS DE MARIPOSA | Válvulas | manifolds de vapor, estaciones termostáticas y biotermostáticas | Fabricación, venta y distribución de válvulas industriales

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- CVB Valvole Industriali
- .

CVB quarter turn metal seated rotary valves series with triple offset can operate in all the applications where there are requirements either for temperature and pressure rates very high and corrosive fluids. They present relevant advantages compared to other conventional valves as far as weight and ease to automate are concerned.

Their utilization as either isolation and control valves ranges through different type of applications in the process lines : Petroleum ( Oil ) Industry - Off Shore, Refining, Storage and Transportation; Natural Gas Off Shore, Treatment, Purification, Storage, Transportation; Chemical Plant - Process Applications. Utility steam; Pulp and Paper - Reduction Process, Steam; Power Plant - Low pressure steam, Central steam heating plants; Steel Mills - Hot gas.

Valve features and benefits:

Metal seated—Zero leakage

Resilient metallic seal

No Rubbing Rotation

Torque seated

Bi-directional tight shutoff

Anti Blowout shaft

Size 3” - 72 “ ND

Inherently fire safe and fire tested

ANSI B 16.5 Class 150—900

Temperature range - 196 °C to + 815 °C

Triple eccentric butterfly valves with metallic seals in the classes ANSI 150 / 300 / 600, UNI, DIN from DN 3" to DN 48"; Rubber lined butterfly valves in the classes ANSI 150 PN 20 from DN 2" to DN 48"; Double eccentric butterfly valves in the classes ANSI 150 PN 20 from DN 2" to DN 48"; Regulating butterfly valves for hot air and fumes up to 800 ° C.r and fumes up toLine Blind Valves in the classes ANSI 150 PN 10 - 16 from DN 2" to DN 16";

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